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Energy Management 

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Revolutionizing Energy Management
We are at the forefront of innovation with the creation of a digital microgrid energy management system, setting a new standard for efficient, transparent, and sustainable energy management.

Empowering Energy Consumers
Through our token and energy exchange system, we empower users to buy and sell energy at market prices, providing financial benefits for both buyers and sellers while contributing to a greener future.

Data-Driven Energy Solutions
Our data analysis capabilities offer valuable insights that drive informed decision-making, enabling users to optimize energy consumption and embrace sustainable choices.

Our goal is to create a blockchain infrastructure that will record all energy flows in a given smart grid or energy community.

The digital layer based on blockchain technology will also be the basis for creating a kWh-based cryptocurrency.

Management of the energy flow between the external network and the microgrid

The creation of microgrids with energy storage gives us the opportunity to purchase energy from the external grid on favorable terms when energy is cheaper and to store it for the needs of microgrids. This approach allows for energy storage at more favorable price conditions, which will translate into greater savings of units connected in the microgrid.

Energy transfer billing

The billing of coin-based energy by prosumers in the microgrid will be transparent and based on current market prices. Settlements can be entered in various billing periods (daily, weekly or monthly) depending on the needs of the unit.

Managing tokens

Each network user can exchange the accumulated tokens for electricity. By selling the generated energy, which he did not use for his own needs, he can sell it in the form of tokens and, for example, buy energy for his own needs later, for example. Connecting the system to the cryptocurrency will also allow the user to sell energy and exchange it into currency (EUR, USD).

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Energy flow analysis

Energy production tracking

Token exchange

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We deal with :

The development of distributed energy, based on small renewable energy sources, is not favored by the structure of the energy market.

The greatest difficulty is currently caused by the issue of the mechanism for calculating the price of electricity introduced to the power grid by a prosumer and the settlement methodology.

The basic problem of the tax system in such technically difficult topics as the new system of billing surplus energy introduced into the grid is that tax regulations are completely detached from the practical approach to energy billing.

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